When you use the software LENA, you understand customer requests even better and automate the most promising processes. Excite your customers by delivering outstanding customer service on the basis of Natural Language Processing – fast and tailor-made.

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Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service

With LENA you automate in order to enhance the efficiency of the processing of customer inquiries and thus also the customer experience. Whether through automatic pre-classification of customer requests or as a chatbot engine - LENA automates where it adds value to your service organization and your customer's experience. In total, LENA includes five features that you can combine to realize your project. In addition, LENA can be easily integrated into your existing customer service system thanks to its API interface.

In the back end of LENA, which has excellent user guidance and usability, you can build chatbot dialogues in the conversation module and complement them with triggers. This allows you to determine at which point the chatbot is offered to your website visitors. In addition, the chatbot can be combined with a live chat via ACD. Thus, the chatbot takes over preliminary clarifications before handing over the user to the agent.

In addition to the chatbot, four more features are waiting for you. With the help of LENA, you can create different workflows for analysing written customer inquiries by only a couple of clicks. Optionally combine the recognition of relevant text components (parsing), language, content-related intention (classification) as well as emotions (sentiment analysis) and automatically assign customer inquiries to certain service categories. Thus, they can be handled and solved by the appropriate agent with the suitable skills in due time.

LENA learns from your data sets, draws conclusions and automates tiresome and time-intensive routine tasks such as the manual distribution of inquiries within the team. Agents are supported by suitable proposals for solution or even standardised automatic responses. This is how you create an optimal customer experience and increase employee satisfaction.

Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service

Key Features of LENA.


Chatbot Conversation

With the Conversation Builder you can build chatbot dialogs via drag and drop in a very simple way. Apart from classic text, you can include buttons, images, gifs, links or emoticons in the dialog. Each chatbot story can also be prompted individually by a trigger - you decide when and where the chatbot appears on your website.

Lena Text Parser

Text Parser

By means of parsing (textual analysis) the written customer inquiry is separated into logical text blocks such as address/greeting, body text, signature and disclaimer. In this way, texts can be optimally classified and inquiries can be assigned to categories respectively.

Language Identification

Language Identification

Apart from the four Swiss national languages and English, the language identification module captures over 40 further languages. Thus, customer inquiries can directly be forwarded to the suitable agent that speaks the respective customer language.

Lena Classification


Classification convinces by a hit ratio of over 95%. So, standard inquiries are automatically classified and manual distribution is superfluous. The time gained by this can be used for handling more complex requests.

Lena Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Learn more about the emotions of your customers. Sentiment analysis recognises if the inquiry has been written by a satisfied or rather by an annoyed customer. This enables you to react fast and appropriately.

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LENA convinces by different features that can be combined to workflows if required.

On the product tour, you see how you analyse a data set – from uploading the written customer inquiry to evaluating the results.   

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LENA makes Chatbots possible.

Natural Language Processing Technology recognises the customer’s intent. This function is the basis for chatbots which provide customers with the suitable answer to their inquiry at the touch of a button.

Test the chatbot powered by LENA on the landing page of CORA, the intelligent IT automat now. Read more about the topic «Chatbots in Customer Service» in our whitepaper.

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Chatbots in customer service
Whitepaper Chatbots Artifcial Intelligence in Customer Service

Let's chat! This is the Customer Service of tomorrow.

The progress in the area of artificial intelligence provides entirely new possibilities for customer service. Starting with the automatic recognition of the inquiry, language and urgency, orchestration as well as the distribution of requests and going as far as the automatic response of inquiries.

In the whitepaper «Chatbots: Hype or Helper of the Future?» (only available in German) you can read which technologies are currently available on the market and where the trend is about to go in the years to come. Furthermore, our experts provide you with tips how to best address the topic of chatbots.

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Digital Customer Care Platform for Service Excellence!

In order to use the full power of LENA, it is worth integrating it into a customer care suite. By doing so, all customer inquiries, no matter which channel has been used, can be captured centrally and intelligently handled without any media disruptions. Thus, standard inquiries are for example automatically answered right away.

With the Customer Care Software trueAct, PIDAS offers a system with which all customer inquiries are handled reliably, efficiently and in best quality.

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